Product Designer at Yoyo Wallet
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My name is Oliver I'm a product designer, currently working at Yoyo Wallet in London, UK. Previously I was a Freelance UI Designer/ Developer which allowed me to work with an exciting range of clients from around the world.

Here are some facts about me:

🇮🇹Half English Half Italian From Leeds West Yorkshire.

💪I'm heavily into fitness, as well as hitting the gym 5 days a week I love cycling, walking and boxing.

🐺Game of Thrones fan! Just like Jon Snow i'm also a bastard form the North.

🤖Aside from Designing products one of my passions are robots. I love attending robotics conferences and reading up on the latest advances in the fields of AI and Robotics

🍴I'm trying to learn to cook more foods from different cultures. I'm wanting to learn how to make really good Japanese and Iranian food.

🎓Looking to learn more, build great products, and meet new interesting people to collaberate with.